1. What is Solar Panel Validation (SPV)?

SPV is a solution to the industry and governments shared problem of unapproved solar panels in the Australian market. It is made up of two parts - an app for installers to use on a mobile device and a database of verified serial numbers for solar panels, received directly from manufacturers. Installers use the app to scan solar panel serial numbers, which are then checked against a database to ensure they are an approved brand.

The initiative allows for all participants in the SRES supply chain including installers, retailers, manufacturers and agents to self-regulate and help protect themselves from unscrupulous parties seeking to undermine the industries integrity.

Validating solar panels before they are installed is important, as it:

  • Lets consumers know they are getting genuine brands that meet Australian standards and comes with the stated warranty
  • Lets installers know they are installing the right panels
  • Lowers the risk of fraud to agents
  • Protects retailers from financial penalty and reputational damage, and
  • Helps the Australian Government and the solar industry to uphold the integrity of the scheme and industry.

2. How will SPV affect your STCs?

SPV is the new trading process that verifies your panels on site during installation. SPV applications will have a much quicker turn around and are typically approved within 24-48 hours by the CER, without SPV it can take up to 2-4 weeks to approve STCs. This means we can ensure your payment is delivered to you much faster.

3. How does the GreenDeal platform associate with the SPV program and industry partners?

GreenDeal has developed their own SPV features within the GreenDeal Installer APP based on the CER requirement. All panel serial numbers can be scanned, recorded, verified as an approved SPV brand and GPS coordinated at time of installation, ensuring your jobs are completed safely, correctly and in a timely manner.

The Installer APP accesses the extensive panel serial number database instantly to verify your panels, saving users time by not having to wait long periods of processing through several industry partners.

4. How does SPV work on your Retailer Portal and Installer APP?


Enable your SPV service
Retailer creates a SPV job and fills in basic system owner’s information via retailer portal
Select your accredited installers name


Open the installer app onsite (make sure APP is the latest version) with GPS location turned ON.
Scan all the panel serial numbers and make sure each panel is verified with a green tick.
Finish Installer Checklist as per list requirements.
To finish, click ‘Installed’. Note: Serial Numbers cannot be changed and edited after job has been ‘Installed’.

5. Requirements for SPV

6. Participating manufacturers