1. Login to retailer portal. Go to Settings > SPV setting

2. Select Enable (When Panels in the job support Solar Panel Validation)

  • Select either Confirm individually when a new job is created; OR
  • Select Set SPV default on for all new jobs. SPV function will be applied for all jobs if SPV is practicable.

3. Click Save

4. Click into your job. Check SPV status.

Yes: SPV is applied to this job
No: SPV hasn’t been activated

Useful Tips:

  • Installation address and system details have to be filled in before starting SPV.
  • You can always “Enable” SPV when your job is under scheduled/New.
  • You can always “Disable” SPV when your job is under Scheduled/New/Installing.
  • SPV is only available if your installation is with participating solar panel brands. Click here to check participating solar panel brands.