GreenDeal Installer App

Simplify your solar installation and make your job more efficient with our easy to use GreenDeal App for solar installers

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GreenDeal Installer Application creates an online platform where you can refer to all necessary information, making the whole procedure paperless and painless as much as we can by having following modules:

Job track

Track all your jobs in scheduled, installing and installed statuses at your fingertips.

Offsite Owner Signature Capture

Send an email with the STC form attached, allowing the Owner to sign it on their computer with just a click of a button.

Installer Checklist

A checklist that generates all of your work in one job pack and make sure you have completed every checkpoint required

Service Job Checklist

Create a service job checklist to generate all of your service job details in one simple and convenient place.


A convenient online task platform where retailers can publish a service job or installation in the GreenDeal portal, and qualified installers in the area can bid on the job.

Solar Panel validation

Verify your panels on site during installation to ensure they are approved for the Australian market. Serial numbers scanned on the latest GreenDeal app will be instantly checked against a database of approved panels.