GreenDeal Admin Portal

We have now launched GreenDeal Admin Portal. This function allows you to use GreenDeal functions while you trade your own STCs.
With GreenDeal Admin Portal you can access all tools for viewing, monitoring, and managing your solar jobs. You will be able to use SPV, CRM, CEC Installer Checklist and more.
If you want to trade your own STC you will need to become a registered agent through the CER website. If you are not a registered agent, please click here to start.
Once you become a registered agent you can now access to GreenDeal Admin Portal and trade your own STC.

How to use GreenDeal portal and create your own STC:

Let's Get Started!

A quick glimpse of the retailer portal

Once you sign up for the Admin Portal function, you will be your own STC Agent and your company name will appear on the top of the Summary page of each job.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via email at or call us at 07 3387 1810