A. Installation

1. What information will be obtained during the installation?

Your GPS location and the scanned serial numbers will be obtained during installation. Along with the regular relevant checklist items.

2. Is it compulsory to join SPV program? What is the cost?

It is non-compulsory to join SPV program. However, STC submitted with validated solar panels are likely to be processed more efficiently, typically within 48 hours. STC applications submitted without validated solar panels may undergo a more detailed assessment. It is FREE for retailers and installers to join SPV program.

3. What are the benefits of joining SPV program?

  • Lets consumers know they are getting a brand that meet Australian standards and comes with the stated warranty
  • Lets installers know they are installing the right panels
  • Lowers the risk of fraudulent solar installations
  • Protects retailers from financial penalty and reputational damage; and
  • Helps the Australian Government and the solar industry to uphold the integrity of the scheme.

4. Where can I check all participating solar panel brands?

You can check participating brands and SPV information at the below website.


1. When will my location being obtained?

Your location will be obtained after you scan all serial numbers, and only when you confirm to detect your current location.

2. If the installation is in a remote area, can I still join SPV program?

SPV can only take place with internet access. Because both serial numbers and installer’s GPS location will need to be obtained during the installation.

C. Manufacturing Errors

1. What if my panels can’t be validated on site?

This will likely be an issue with the panel serial number. You can check whether the panel brand is on the participation list. You can also contact panel manufacturers for serial numbers issues. Alternatively, you can contact your retailer.