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Solar Panel Verification Initiative (SPV)

How will SPV affect your STCs?

SPV is the new trading process that verifies your panels on site during installation. SPV applications will have a much quicker turn around and are typically approved within 24-48 hours by the CER, without SPV it can take up to 2-4 weeks to approve STCs. This means we can ensure your payment is delivered to you much faster. More >


Your All-In-One Solar Platform

Job Management

Schedule, track and manage your jobs from the start to the very end.

Offsite Owner Signature Capture

Send an email with the STC form attached, allowing the Owner to sign it on their computer with just a click of a button.

Job Scheduling

Allowing you to see all of your scheduled jobs on one dashboard, know your jobs and installer arrangments.


A convenient online task platform where retailers can publish a service job or installation in the GreenDeal portal, and qualified installers in the area can bid on the job.

Solar Panel validation

Verify your panels on site during installation to ensure they are approved for the Australian market. Serial numbers scanned on the latest GreenDeal app will be instantly checked against a database of approved panels.

CEC Installer Checklist

Customise & create your very own CEC installer checklist to ensure a consistent installation procedure every time.

STC Trading

Trading STC has never been easier, the automatic STC rules minimise your potential STC submission issues upfront.

Service Job Management

Tracking and Managing all of your service jobs, making sure you obtain every detail necessary.


View the full database of your job installation history and customer details. It is a great tool to help improve your business efficiency and makes it easy for your whole team to track the status of every customer.


Transfer data from your CRM system directly to GreenDeal in a quick and simple way, without needing to manually type any of the information. An easy and automated tool to save you time, better spent on more inmportant thing.